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Slowly fermented in wooden barrels of specially selected wines. Patiently aged in wooden barrels to achieve perfect balance of taste and aroma. Sweet and zesty.

Slowly fermented in wooden barrels of specially selected wines. Patiently aged in wooden barrels to achieve perfect balance of taste and aroma. Sweet and zesty.

Amber-green coloured olive oil with golden yellow highlights. Medium fruitiness taste with hints of green tomato and sweet almond. Delicate perfume with herbaceous aromatic notes and green tomato hints. From Central Sicily D.O.P (Protection Designation of Origin) areas.

750 ml

Excellent crystal-clear oil, with a penetrating aroma and a light peppery flavour. Its secret lies in the master blending of the finest olives produced in the southern regions of Italy. After they are cold-pressed, the oil is filtered through natural fibre cloths in order to eliminate residue. Fairly dense oil of crystal-clear golden yellow. Its taste is medium fruity with an almond finish. Its aroma is light yet has persistent scent of fresh fruit.


From chemical-free terrains, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil of absolute purity. Slightly dense oil, green in colour with golden yellow highlights. Light fruitiness taste with a sweet almond finish. Delicately spicy aroma. From central Sicily.


This beef stock was made with Westcountry beef bones and free-range chicken carcasses that were simmered for 12 hours with fresh herbs and vegetables. No artificial additives have been added.

Fresh 500 grams.

Brown lentils are a fantastic versatile ingredient used in numerous cuisines from Indian dals to Italian soups.

Colatura di Alici – this is a traditional Italian anchovy extract that has its roots going back to the Roman condiment garum. It is a slow process making this anchovy extract. Anchovies, fished in spring, are layered in casks with sea salt. The salting process and the maturation can last 24-36 months. During the pressing and maturation phase of the anchovies in salt, the liquid that emerges on the surface is progressively extracted and subjected to a natural concentration process. Strong and full bodied flavour that preserves the aroma of the raw material and has a real umami kick.

Chana dal is produced by removing the outer layer of kala chana (black chickpeas) and then splitting the kernel. It is widely used in India for making dals.

Suitable for shortcrust preparation, sponge bases, oven baked cakes, biscuits and muffins.

It’s perfect for an authentic Neapolitan pizza. Ideal for medium rising time (10-12hr at room temperature +25 or 12-24hr at +4).

Dried chickpeas are a wonderfully versatile ingredient – make your own houmus or add to veggie curries and stews. 500g

From Caribbean rice ‘n’ peas to Mexican chilli con carne, Sun Red Kidney Beans are loved the world over for their versatility. A great source of protein and dietary fibre, they are a popular source of nutrition with vegetarians, vegans and the health conscious. 500g

Fini Balsamic Vinegar, 4 Leaf – this high-quality balsamic vinegar is made in limited quantities in Modena.  The 4 leaves symbol indicates the highest possible grade within the classification. This vinegar has a superb complex flavour, syrupy consistency and intense aroma.

Fini Balsamic Vinegar of Modena. Three leaves. Dense and defined flavour.

Arborio absorbs stock without becoming too soft, making it ideal to cook smooth and creamy risottos. This rounded grain rice variety is grown in the Italian Piedmont region, where it has been cultivated since the 15th century. The combination of exceptional climate, soil, landscape and local expertise ensure the quality and uniqueness of this traditional rice variety.

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