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This classic hot Calabrian cured meat is known for its characteristic strong flavour and is extremely versatile in the kitchen. Made from pork good and good old Calabrian chili pepper. Perfect on its own, as a topping for bread or bruschetta, on pizzas, in pasta recipes or mixed into soups or other main dishes for added flavour.

Sliced cherry wood smoked free-range duck breast. 80g

Spanish cooking chorizo. Perfect in pasta sauces and main dishes.

Traditional chorizo with a hot flavour and typical Spanish paprika aroma. Perfect for tapas, omelette/frittata, stews, soups, paellas, pasta dishes and salads.

24-month aged Parma ham with an exceptional flavour which is sweet on the palate. Perfect for gourmet plates.

Salame Milano is Italy’s best known and favourite salami. It has vivid red, compact meat, a rice-like grain with a sweet, delicate flavour. Rovagnati Salamis are a fusion of unique, traditionally Italian flavours and fragrances, refined by professional curing experts.

San Carlo has been a producer for over forty years in Ziano Piacentino, Piacenza Province in the Italian region Emilia-Romagna. A wonderful addition to a charcuterie plate.

Made according to an original recipe with selected lean pork and Calabrian chili pepper. Has a round and intense flavour. Example of the highest standards of Italian salami production. Its unique flavour makes it extremely versatile in the kitchen. Perfect as an appetizer with fresh bread or as part of an appetizer board.

The classic Italian hard cheese. Aged for 24 months for a fuller flavour and a real umami kick. Medium fat and naturally lactose free.

Pecorino Romano DOP is made with Italian ewes milk in Lazio. It has a salty flavour with a hard and crumbly texture.

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