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A classic combination. Made with fresh double cream, free-range eggs and Cacao Barry chocolate.

Made with butter, free-range eggs, dates and dark brown sugar for depth of flavour in this true British classic.

300 grams serves 2


This may not be an old Italian dish, but it has certainly become a classic. We make ours with Castelli mascarpone (a well reputed cheese makers in Italy est. in 1892) which gets mixed with a sabayon made from Cuckoo Farm free-range eggs. Add Clifton espresso coffee, Marsala wine, brandy(just a touch) and our own Savoiardi biscuits, well you need to try it to really understand the shame it puts on supermarket Tiramisus.

130 grams

The sharpness of the passion fruit mixes beautifully with the sweetness of the white chocolate.


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