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Barbera Castello di Resuttana DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Amber-green coloured olive oil with golden yellow highlights. Medium fruitiness taste with hints of green tomato and sweet almond. Delicate perfume with herbaceous aromatic notes and green tomato hints. From Central Sicily D.O.P (Protection Designation of Origin) areas.

750 ml

Barbera Filtered Extra Virgin Olive Oil 250ml


Excellent crystal-clear oil, with a penetrating aroma and a light peppery flavour. Its secret lies in the master blending of the finest olives produced in the southern regions of Italy. After they are cold-pressed, the oil is filtered through natural fibre cloths in order to eliminate residue. Fairly dense oil of crystal-clear golden yellow. Its taste is medium fruity with an almond finish. Its aroma is light yet has persistent scent of fresh fruit.


Barbera Giardin Paradiso Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 750ml


From chemical-free terrains, resulting in an extra virgin olive oil of absolute purity. Slightly dense oil, green in colour with golden yellow highlights. Light fruitiness taste with a sweet almond finish. Delicately spicy aroma. From central Sicily.


Brown Lentils


Brown lentils are a fantastic versatile ingredient used in numerous cuisines from Indian dals to Italian soups.

Chana Dal


Chana dal is produced by removing the outer layer of kala chana (black chickpeas) and then splitting the kernel. It is widely used in India for making dals.



Made from our own focaccia plus garlic oil and Maldon sea salt flakes.

Dried Red Kidney Beans


From Caribbean rice ‘n’ peas to Mexican chilli con carne, Sun Red Kidney Beans are loved the world over for their versatility. A great source of protein and dietary fibre, they are a popular source of nutrition with vegetarians, vegans and the health conscious. 500g

Fini Balsamic Vinegar 4 Leaf 250ML


Fini Balsamic Vinegar, 4 Leaf – this high-quality balsamic vinegar is made in limited quantities in Modena.  The 4 leaves symbol indicates the highest possible grade within the classification. This vinegar has a superb complex flavour, syrupy consistency and intense aroma.

KanKun – Chipotle Chilli Sauce – Mild 150ml


KANKUN® Chipotle Mild: “Smoky and very gentle! Perfect for those that like to add flavour with a mild touch of heat…

KanKun – Extra Hot Habanero Chilli Sauce 150ml


With a fruity and salty taste, combined with the power of the Habanero, this Mexican sauce is for the real heat. A simple recipe with high quality ingredients for detonating flavours!

Lorenzo No.1 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


High quality extra virgin olive oil from the selection of best olives from organic farming, grown in a P.O.D. (Protected Denomination of Origin) area. Strong personality, with the typical fragrance that recalls the fresh fruit and with a pleasant almond aftertaste. Slightly dense, brilliant green in colour with golden yellow reflections. Intense fruity flavour. Well-rounded taste with green tomato and almond finish. Its aroma is spicy with a persistent herbaceous flavour. From western Sicily, P.O.D. (Protected Denomination of Origin) Valli Trapanesi, one of the most prestigious Sicilian P.O.D. areas.


Odysea Date Molasses 250ml


Made purely with the juice of pressed plump dates. Caramel coloured, rich syrup with a deep, treacly sweetness. Thick, velvety smooth texture. Makes a healthier choice as a natural sweetener used in cakes, biscuits and energy snacks. Drizzle on top of porridge, enjoy with yoghurt or ice-cream. Use instead of maple syrup on top of pancakes and French toast.

Odysea Pomegranate Molasses 250ml


A thick, dense syrup with intense, well balanced sweet and sharp flavour. Perfect to brush over meat or poultry as a glaze, to drizzle over roast vegetables, fruit or yoghurt. Ideal for salad dressings, marinades or as a cordial for cocktails. Made only with reduced pomegranate juice.

Paluani Pandoro di Verona


Classic soft Pandoro without raisins or candied fruit. Made using 100% Italian fresh milk, butter and natural yeast. Icing sugar sachet included for the finishing touch. Perfect to be shared or as a gift this Christmas.

Paluani Panettone Classico


Traditional Panettone with soft raisins and candied fruit. Made using 100% Italian fresh milk, butter and natural yeast. Perfect to be shared or as a gift this Christmas.

Red Split Lentils


Red Split Lentils are by far the quickest to cook of the lentil family. They need no pre-soaking unlike many legumes and as they are split, they cook very quickly.

Roi Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500ml


Ligurian Taggiasca Extra Virgin Olive (ROI) – this monocultivar cold-pressed olive oil from Liguria in north west Italy is made exclusively with local Taggiasca olives. The color is intense yellow, with a delicate aroma and the sweet flavour with notes of almond, fruit and delicate herbs. A very versatile oil that is suitable for use on many dishes and dressings.

Rummo Chickpea & Rice Gluten Free Fusilli


Cosimo Rummo has created a gluten-free pasta by selecting brown rice and raw yellow and white corn, all strictly non-GMO, and combining them with an ancient, natural element, namely steam. This process produces a dough which, when bronze-drawn, gives the pasta a roughness that holds the sauce perfectly. The chickpeas pasta and brown rice is a source of vegetable protein and low in saturated fats and, thanks also to the fibres of brown rice, is a complete and balanced food.

300 grams

Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti


Rummo Gluten Free Spaghetti – made from the best quality corn, rice and potato flours and the purest water from the Sannio Valley to ensure that the pasta consistently has a great flavour, texture and bite.

400 grams

Rummo Lentil Pennette Rigate


Made from red lentils and brown rice, it makes a healthy delicious meal. Thanks to its sauce-catching ridges and thin tubular shape, our Pennette Rigate alle Lenticchie is the perfect partner for your favourite vegetable sauces.

300 grams

Truffle Hunter Black Truffle Oil


Single concentrated truffle oil made with the highest quality European Black Truffles (Tuber Aestivum) & extra virgin olive oil.

Truffle Hunter Englih Truffle Oil


Made with the highest quality English truffles from Southern England, blended with cold-pressed extra virgin rapeseed oil from Oxfordshire.

Truffle Hunter White Truffle Oil


Single concentrated truffle oil made with the highest quality European White Truffles (Tuber Borchii) & extra virgin olive oil.