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Starters And Tapas

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A delicious spread or dip made from chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice & garlic.

200 grams

Bouillabaisse Base


This Bouillabaisse base has been made using fresh fish which we buy from Plymouth fish auction ourselves ensuring that we get the freshest fish. We only buy from day boats and never from beamers. Make up your own seafood mix or have as a Fish soup.

Frozen 250 grams



Caponata “one of the peaks of Sicilian cooking” as some people call it, is a Sicilian sweet and sour aubergine stew. We take hours over making ours, the onions alone cook for over an hour to bring out all of the sweetness.


Fresh product.

Caribbean Chowder


A mixture of vegetables, seafood and free-range chicken all gently simmered in roasted crab stock and chicken stock with warming spices of the Caribbean.




Made from our own focaccia plus garlic oil and Maldon sea salt flakes.

Marinated Anchovies


Tasty, tasty, tasty.  150 grams.