Callipo Colatura di Alici (Anchovy Extract) 100ml


Colatura di Alici – this is a traditional Italian anchovy extract that has its roots going back to the Roman condiment garum. It is a slow process making this anchovy extract. Anchovies, fished in spring, are layered in casks with sea salt. The salting process and the maturation can last 24-36 months. During the pressing and maturation phase of the anchovies in salt, the liquid that emerges on the surface is progressively extracted and subjected to a natural concentration process. Strong and full bodied flavour that preserves the aroma of the raw material and has a real umami kick.

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Use Colatura to add umami to dishes, in a similar way to adding fish sauce and shrimp paste to Thai dishes. Colatura can be added to olive oil as a dressing for spaghetti or linguine or try adding just a few drops to sauces or drizzle over bruschetta or grilled vegetables. A little goes a long, long way.


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