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Meaty lamb meets meaty aubergines in this East Mediterranean dish.

Frozen product.


Westcountry beef, smoked pancetta, mushrooms, onions and carrots all slowly braised in red wine.

Our fish pies are made with fresh white fish that is landed of the Devon and Cornwall coast and sold at Plymouth fish auction where we buy it ourselves to ensure that it comes only from day boats and that we get the best quality possible. The velouté sauce is made from fish stock that is freshly made in house. This gets mixed with the fish, capers and herbs then topped with creamy smooth mashed potatoes to produce a very tasty and satisfying fish pie.


Fresh pasta made with Italian milled flours & St. Ewe free-range egg yolks. 160 grams is a normal sized main course portion or two first course portions.

Made with fresh egg pasta, cheddar and Gran Moravia cheeses.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Frozen. 330 grams

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