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Beef Rendang


Beef Rendang is a dry curry with an intense flavour which is originally from Sumatra but is now widely eaten across Indonesia and Malaysia, especially at times of celebration. Made with 10oz of chuck steak per portion, a real filler for hungry people.

Frozen. 280 grams




Caponata “one of the peaks of Sicilian cooking” as some people call it, is a Sicilian sweet and sour aubergine stew. We take hours over making ours, the onions alone cook for over an hour to bring out all of the sweetness.


Fresh product.

Caribbean Chowder


A mixture of vegetables, seafood and free-range chicken all gently simmered in roasted crab stock and chicken stock with warming spices of the Caribbean.


Chilli Con Carne


Our Chilli con Carne is made from hand diced Westcountry beef brisket with Black Turtle, Pinto and Kidney beans and smoky Chipotle and Ancho chillies.


Coq Au Vin


This classic dish is made with boned free-range chicken thigh, real red wine (not cheap cooking wine), smoked bacon, silverskin onions and chestnut mushrooms.

300 grams


Gourmet Shepherd’s Pie


Shoulder of lamb braised in red wine, mixed with minced lamb, fresh vegetables & topped with creamy mashed potatoes.





Meaty lamb meets meaty aubergines in this East Mediterranean dish.

Frozen product.


Marinara(Tomato) Sauce


The classic tomato sauce for pasta and can be used as a base for other sauces such as seafood or chorizo.


Puttanesca Sauce


A robust sauce from Naples with a bit of a spicy kick. Made with salted anchovies, garlic, olives, capers and chilli.